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Plants can promote health as a positive state

Herbal treatment uses plants to promote health as a positive state.

Plants' healing powers

Advancements in science have enabled us to understand herbal medicines' healing powers more thoroughly.

Suitable for all ages

Herbal medicine is safe for all ages, including babies and pregnant women. Qualified herbalists also know when a condition is best seen by a doctor or another therapist.

What conditions can I consult a herbalist about?

Almost any condition which may cause you to visit your doctor including:-

  • Allergic conditions
    Headaches and migraine,
    IBS and other digestive disorders,
    Menopausal and gynaecological problems,
    Muscular and joint discomfort and pain
    Skin conditions including eczema,
    Stress-related problems,
    and the management of long term and chronic conditions.

Can I take herbs and other medicines at the same time?

Herbal medicines may be used in conjunction with other medicines provided they are prescribed by a qualified practitioner and regular supervision takes place. Herbal remedies may be used whilst waiting for surgery or conventional treatment.

An experienced practitioner

Rhiannon Evans has over 20 years experience. She was awarded a Fellowship of NIMH in 2007.

Conveniently situated

Her practice is based in Banbury. This makes it within easy reach of people who live in villages in Northamptonshire, north Oxfordshire, and Warwickshire. Banbury can be reached from Oxford train station in 20 minutes and from Bicester in 12 minutes.


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