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Your herbal consultation

Your first herbal consultation offers time to discuss your symptoms, diagnosis and treatment thoroughly and confidentially. It will last approximately 1 hour.

Your medical history

A complete medical history and social history will be taken. This will include details of your diet and any medication you are taking, or have taken, recently. Appropriate examination will be given and your blood pressure will usually be taken.

Your treatment

Your personal prescription will be a blend of herbs reflecting your personal needs.

Exercises, massage and relaxation techniques

Your treatment may involve massage, relaxation or exercises. You will be given the opportunity to practice these if necessary.

Your medicine

Your medicine is likely to be dispensed as a liquid tincture. This makes it easy and convenient for you to take. Creams, oils, teas and capsules are also available.

Follow up consultations

Another consultation will normally be necessary after two weeks to assess your response to treatment. Further consultations are arranged usually at four-week intervals where necessary. Telephone and on-line consultations are not available at present.



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